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Brahms Clarinet Trio at Disney Concert Hall 4/7/12

April 8, 2012

I had a wonderful performance with Michele Zukovsky, clarinet, and David Garrett, cello (my husband) on Tuesday 4/3. We played Brahms Clarinet Trio, Op. 114 which is a great example of lyricism in Brahms late works. After this trio, Brahms wrote my favorite piano works, Op. 116 (Phantasien – a set of 7 pieces, Capriccios and Intermezzos), Op. 117 (Drei Intermezzi), Op. 118 (Klavierstucke – a set of 6 pieces, Intermezzos, Ballade and Romanze), and Op. 119 (Klavierstucke – a set of 4 pieces, Intermezzos and Rhapsody).

This trio starts with a beautiful cello melody, then clarinet takes it over. Two instruments are in the state of love, and piano joins. Michele is an amazing musician, and made me completely feel free to play. There was no limit. Of course I play with David very often, two of us or with more people, and I always have a great fun to play with him. I look forward to playing with Michele in near future, maybe Glinka: Trio Pathetic..??