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A Movie – The Deep Blue Sea 4/22/12

April 22, 2012

The Deep Blue Sea is an exquisite, nuanced and romantic tragedy, adapted from a 1950’s play by Terence Rattigan. The director is Terence Davies, and Rachel Weisz is Hester Collyer, the wife of an upper-class judge (Simon Russell Beale) and a free and creative mind trapped in a passionless marriage. She met with Freddie Page (Tom Hiddleston), a troubled but charming former Royal Air Force, and she entered in a turmoil relationship with him. She knew he will never love her the way she loves him. Her deeply vulnerable performance is touching and moving. The photography is beautiful, and the text is clever and almost like a poem. Samuel Barber’s majestic Violin concerto is heard throughout the movie, and it reflects the emotion of Hester. I always love Rachel Weisz’s movie, and The Deep Blue Sea is not exception.