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My Mission to Introduce Japanese Music to the World 3/4/12

March 4, 2012

I performed/presented “A Piano Journey in Japan: Import, Synthesis, and Export – From the First Piano Piece in Japan to Game Music” at Occidental College yesterday. Fortunately the hall (small and cozy, Bird Studio) was packed, and the audience was interested in listening music and learning Japanese culture and history. I have been doing Japanese music program for about 12 years, and this time I added Game Music and extended the concept. I enjoy doing this project myself, and exploring the new repertoire in Japanese music. In this program I usually don’t play any avantgarde music because I want it to be accessible to everyone. At the concert, I introduced 2 different Japanese pentatonic scales, one is the scale without 4th and 7th notes, and the other one from Okinawa is the scale without 2nd and 6th notes. Each scale creates different atmosphere, emotion, and sound. I am looking forward to continuing bringing Japanese music to many more cities and countries.