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My Music Journey with Bach’s Goldberg Variations 1/30/12

January 30, 2012

I have done my 4th journey on Bach: Goldberg Variations at Carrolwood Cultural Center in Tampa, FL, last Saturday. I have been writing about this piece for several times on this site, and you have read my confession before, yes, it has been a long journey to reach to here. Diligent practice on separate hands, polish memorization, and many more hours of different practice, scary feeling, overwhelming, excitement, joy, fun, satisfaction, nightmare, fighting against memory devil, All is done for now. I enjoyed performing in Tampa, meeting very nice people, and fun chatting between practicing.

I look forward to living with Goldberg in near future. I am sure I will be as happy as now to play it again.  I am excited to meet a different side of me in future when I face to Goldberg again. It has been an amazing journey to learn, to study, and to perform Goldberg. I think I can pat my shoulder to tell myself “Well Done!”