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A Movie “Music is the Weapon” 12/12/11

December 13, 2011

I went to the preview of “Music is the Weapon” at Playhouse 7 of Laemmle Theater. It is a documentary film about Fela Kuti, a legendary Nigerian musician. The film was made in 1982, I suppose when he was at his height. He was not only an inspiring musician, but also a person of strong view in politics. He was not shy to voice his opinion. I am sure there were many musicians influenced and inspired by him in ’70-’80. His music includes sexy dances by Queens, his wives and girlfriends, instruments, and his singing. He established his Afro Beat style and kept unique life style. He lived in his own kingdom with followers and Queens, I remember at most he had 28 wives. Every aspect of Fela’s life is interesting to me. If I were born in Nigeria what kind of life I have now?? It would depend on what kind of social class I belong to. If I did not see this film, I never know about Fela. A lot of imagination circled in my mind.