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Japan Benefit Concert for Tsunami Area 11/20/11

November 20, 2011

I just came back from Japan. It was a 3 nights/5 days trip, my shortest trip to Japan. The Benefit Concert went very well with TV Broadcasting and Newspaper Articles. This concert was organized along with the celebration of donated pianos by the Local Rotary Club. The temporary school building was constructed recently, and 4 pianos were donated to the school.  A beautiful message quilt and donation from my church friends, and Occidental College students’ messages came with me to Japan. The students at the temporary schools were very sweet and Genki (energetic). We had a good time playing music and talking. After I played, they gave me a nice verbal message and sang a song together for me. Some lost their parents, some of their class mates lost their lives, and many of them lost everything. This will be a long journey to rebuilt. I posted the photos from Otsuchi-cho.

After the concert, I came back to Tokyo for 1 night on Saturday from Tsunami area. I had a lunch with my girl friends from middle school at 1pm, attended Performing Arts High School’s reunion at 6pm (This was miracle! They did not know my Japan trip.), and saw my old piano student from Occidental College at 9pm. I enjoyed every moment.