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A Movie “Jiro – Dreams of Sushi” 11/12/11

November 14, 2011

I am actually very busy these days, and going to Hollywood in the evening seems a hectic activity. I got the invitation from the Japan Foundation to watch “Jiro – Dreams of Sushi” by David Gelb at Egyptian Theater, one of the featured movies at AFI Festival. So I went. This is the movie of Jiro Ono, a 85 years old Sushi chef. He is known to be one of the best in Japan. His restaurant got the 3 stars from Michelin Restaurant Guide. Many people come to eat at this 10 seats cozy eater from the world so that the reservation has to be done more than a month in advance. Actually the restaurant does not look fancy at all. It is attached to the subway station in Ginza, Tokyo. Jiro has been working hard to create the best taste Sushi all his life. This movie depicts not only the Sushi concept but also the Japanese mentality, culture and life. I loved to see that he is so tough on himself. He never makes his life easy. That is the circumstance I grew up. I think “Jiro – Dreams of Sushi” will be released in March 2012. Please go to see this great movie. You will enjoy it! To be able to go to see this movie, I practiced and worked efficiently. It seemed my day got longer. Win Win!