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A Great Memory of Hamp and Leo 11/29/11

November 29, 2011

I used to live in Houston, TX, before moving to LA. Houston was my first American city to live. I studied at Shepherd School of Music at Rice University for my DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts degree), and taught at Rice University’s Pre College School. Also I was a staff accompanist at HSPVA. I met my husband playing Mozart Piano Quartet in G Minor. I met so many great friends too. I performed at so many occasions. Ones of my favorite soiree concerts were at Hamp and Leo’s Penthouse. They were sweet, fun, and intelligent (they passed away several years ago), and loved music, loved people. The big music room was surrounded by many paintings. One occasion I dressed up with a tight/short dress (Yuja Wang!!!), and Hamp was shocked and loved it!. There were always plenty of good food, champagne, and conversations. One huge fridge was dedicated to bottles of champagne. Both of them were medical doctors. My husband and I played a concert for Suicide Prevention which they were promoting. We chose Schumann and Tchaikovsky to play. They invited us for holidays as well. They hosted a nice party before we departed from Houston. Great people, Great memory.