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A Movie “Tabloid” 7/13/11

July 15, 2011

I went to the preview of “Tabloid” at Laemmle Playhouse 7. Huh— it is an interesting documentary film by Errol Morris.  It is no doubt that Joyce Mckinney is the center of fascination in this film. Besides McKinney, there are several tabloids people, a pilot and a Mormon youth man who are interviewed around the famous abduction story (she calls it “Love Story”) of her. There is no voice from her regular friends and neighbors. It is all about the world of “Tabloid”, I would say some sort of  “making-ups”. Evidently McKinney has a sharp mind and great acting skill, and she loves the attention! We don’t know how much is her acting and truth. In reverse, she may not know as well. She lives in her own world. This whole story may have been done by her planning to get attention… She has a charm, brain and talent to be a real person, but somehow an obsession for “tabloid” sensation has sickened her. Anyway it is an entertaining film with a lot of wit and humor.