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4 months after Tsunami Disaster in Japan 7/26/11

July 26, 2011

It has been more than 4 months since the devastating earthquake happened in Japan. It has been a very slow recovery and it will take for many many more years. 4 pianos have been donated to one of the school districts in Iwate prefecture. One of the small cities in Iwate is Ohtsuchi-machi, and I will go there to play a concert with this donated piano at the school which will be completed in mid September. People in Ohtsuchi-machi and surrounded areas are still living with debris. I hope you still remember the horrible Tsunami videos. Yes, Ohtsuchi is a part of washed away areas. I heard that the young mother was holding her baby in her left arm and opened the door with her right arm when Tsunami was coming. Her baby was gone right away. She is still feeling the baby in her arm, and thinking to commit suicide so that she can get close to her baby. People go to the shore to call the names of their loved ones. I am hoping the music would give them a moment to relax, moment to pray, moment to be united as community.

Japanese people have very strong attachment to their land because the land usually has been carried by many generations in our families. For instance my parents are living on the land which was used for my dad’s great parents second house. My brother is living next to my parents. Even though Tsunami devastated Ohtsuchi-machi completely people don’t want to leave from there. They love the breeze from the ocean, they love their neighbors, they love everything.

I pray for victims of Tsunami and Earthquake, and nuclear plants.