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Yellow Magic Orchestra Concert at Hollywood Bowl 6/27/11

June 27, 2011

Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) has not performed in LA since 1979. The Hollywood Bowl was packed yesterday! I usually go to Hollywood Bowl for classical concerts. This venue in summer is really great for non-classic concerts. Noise from the outside or inside does not matter. Some acoustic imperfection does not matter. We just enjoy the concert in an open space under starts. YMO is a legend of Japanese Band, as Yoko Ono (a special guest) called. We grew up with their sound and life style in Japan. I assume they are getting close to 60s, but are still pretty cool.

In YMO, Ryuichi Sakamoto plays piano, Yukihiro Takahashi on a drum, and Haruomi Hosono on a guitar, but individually they are active too. Sakamoto may be the most well-known musician among 3 of YMO. YMO started as one of the first sensational “Techno Band” in the world in late 70’s, and they still play Techno Music, slightly in 2011 style. Actually I did not know they still perform as YMO. As I was listening their concert last night, I thought Techno Music and Japanese personality share something common. Japanese people often don’t show emotions directly, but we are expressive inside. The concert was very enjoyable and nostalgic to me.