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Tsunami Disaster in Japan 3/16/11

March 17, 2011

It has been very difficult for me to digest what have been happening in Japan. No one has prepared for Tsunami disaster. More than 10.000 people died and many are missing, uncountable people lost their houses, boats, cars and everything, and more than 300.000 people have evacuated and are having very difficult days at rescue places, mostly at school gymnasium and community centers. It has been very cold with snow in disaster regions and people have been suffering because they don’t have heat, food, gas, water, nothing. And a last few days, nuclear plants have been in a big threat to many areas.

The earthquake and Tsunami attacked the northeastern coast line, facing to Pacific Ocean. People have been making living  as fishermen and farmers. Their lives were quiet and peaceful in the beautiful coast areas. That is all gone. The lands are filled with salty water. The tight-knit communities are gone. They have been living in a same community from generation to generation. The streets are filled with massive mud and debris. As our Emperor said in his speech, our people have been taking care of each other with humbleness and modesty in this beautiful country. I am so proud of them.  Even in this hard time, people think of others first.

I am going to play a recital at First United Methodist Church in Pasadena on Saturday April 2 at 4pm. We will collect a donation to send to Japan. I hope you can come, but if not,  please donate any money to your favorite fund raising institute. Your donation will help people in Japan. Please pray for people in Japan and help them.