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A Movie – Biutiful 2/1/11

February 2, 2011

It is a deep, emotional, difficult, yet beautiful movie. A director Alejandro González Iñárritu portrays a single father Uxbal (Javier Bardem), struggling in the present-day Barcelona slums, working as a middleman between illegal immigrants from Senegal and China, and those who take advantage of their work. A psychic ability allows Uxbal to hear the messages from the recently deceased and he passed them on to their relatives. But when death appears in his own life, he struggles to settle. He finally started to organize the life he will leave behind. It is very intense and real. The slow movement from Ravel Piano Concerto is heard occasionally, and the sound eases the tension. I am a big fun of Bardem since I saw a movie “No country for Old Men”, and this movie gives me to love his acting more.