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2011 Happy New Year 1/3/11

January 3, 2011

I hope everyone is starting a year 2011 wonderfully. I successfully came back from a family visit in midwest on a new year day without any delay or cancellation. That is already a BIG accomplishment in those days. On Sunday January 2nd, I attended 2 parties, one at the Council general of Japan’s official house combined with the local Japanese organizations, and the other party at my school colleague’s house. The Japanese party fulfilled my nostalgia and homesickness because we celebrate New Year (oshougatsu) so differently than American culture. The party at my colleague’s house was really fun with many people. I love my colleagues at Occidental College and I am lucky to be with wonderful people.

In between those 2 parties I played a small recital with a young cellist, including Beethoven Sonata No. 1 Op. 5 No. 1 for cello and piano. As you may know,  those Beethoven cello (?) sonatas were for himself to play on piano. Piano part is very demanding. But I can’t call them piano sonata with cello obbligato, but for pianists, we feel that way. It is a finger test, and the sound is very transparent. But the music is so wonderful and we practice 🙂

Now the holiday is over, but the spirit of holiday sustains, hopefully. I am back in Bach: Goldberg Variation Boot Camp with joy. It is an amazing music, but very challenging. Have a Wonderful 2011!