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My Field Trip in LA 3/10/10

March 11, 2010

Occidental College is on spring break this week, and I wanted to do something different. I don’t have time to go out of town, but I have more free hours than usual. So I decided to do some field trips in LA by myself. LA is so huge that there are so many places I have not visited yet. Related to my Spanish language study, I went to El Pueblo which is the origin of Los Angeles. It was started in 1781 under the order of King Carlos III, and the Spanish governor, Filipe de Neve, picked the location for El Pueblo, near the current downtown LA. 44 people and 11 families came from Mexico. They traveled 1200 miles. It is very interesting that the first settlers were various racial mix, like the current LA.

After visiting historical buildings and learning its history, I went to the Mexican restaurant, Las Anitas, which the family of my Spanish teacher owns. The food was wonderful. I spent about 3 hours in El Pueblo, but it seemed visiting a small village in Mexico. After El Pueblo I went to Little Tokyo, another section in LA downtown, for Japanese food shopping. It is very LA, multi culture and diversity. At home, I rehearsed with the flutist before the Sashimi dinner. Happy Spring.