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A Movie – Vincere (2009) 3/27/10

March 27, 2010

It is about Benito Mussolini and his first wife (or mistress), Ida Dalser and her son, Benito Jr. Both Ida and Benito Jr. died in the mental institutions. The movie depicts the relationship between Mussolini and Ida, and the insanity grew in Ida and Benito Jr. In the background of the movie, the fascism was becoming powerful in Europe.

Ida became crazier and more obsessed once Italy’s fascism became crazier and crazier. It is a very dramatic movie with fantastic actors. During the movie, I started to feel Ida’s obsession inside of myself. I am sure there are “Ida” like ladies in the other parts of world, and in that case, the character of Ida would be so different, but it is an Italian movie! The story is expressed very strongly with the Italian way. It’s a wonderful movie.