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Trombone Day 2/8/10

February 15, 2010

Congratulations to all of trombone players at “Trombone Day” at CSU-Fullerton on Saturday 2/6. It was a great day. And Big Congratulations to Prof. Bob Sanders. He is the one who has worked hard to organize this wonderful event. I believe I was only non-trombone player that day. Piano is not usually an ensemble instrument (we do piano duet and 4 hands), but we can collaborate with many different musicians. The truth is we don’t have “Piano Ensemble” with 20 pianists. It was wonderful to see and to hear 100 trombonists. They were in a great supportive spirit, like brotherhood to me.

At the trombone day, I performed with John Rojak, who is a member of American Brass Quintet, and active in NY area. He was the featured artist. I had a great time getting know him, rehearsing, and performing with him.  Despite of heavy rain and flood, all of us were happy throughout the day.