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A Movie – An Education 11/28/09

November 29, 2009

I have been curious about this movie, and I had free hours yesterday before the concert SO I went to Playhouse in Pasadena to see it. I forgot the actress’ name, but she is just cute! The story is rather simple, and the script is well-written. I enjoyed the conversation in the movie. But I could not relate to the ending.  That was too easy!  Also accepting David, the actress’ elder (!) boyfriend, by her parents was too easy! How strict they have been to their daughter and how quickly they adapted this un-known elder man for her daughter’s special friend is strange.  I suppose the key was David’s soft spoken skill, but –. I guess they were amused by him as well as their daughter because of his fancy  life style contrast to what they have been doing. It is an enjoyable movie with fun conversation to follow. A+ student got into an unexpected affair with extravagant life, but she turned around quickly and went to Oxford!