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Dudamel Celebration Concert in LA 10/4/09

October 4, 2009

I went to the LA Phil’s concert at the Hollywood Bowl yesterday. It was a celebration concert titled “Bienvenido Gustavo!” Of course this sensational new young conductor, Dudamel, was the center of attention!! I did not go from the beginning of the show. I attended only the 7pm portion, which featured the speeches, the videos, and the Beethoven’s 9th symphony with big fireworks! It was a fantastic show to celebrate Dudamel, and a wonderful community event to bridge between Spanish speaking community and the others.

I am very excited that Dudamel will be a music director of  for next 5 years (I hope it will be longer), and Dudamel is super talented, wonderful, caring, smart, charming, sensitive, and etc –. I hope he won’t get tired being in this Hollywood attention—, but He handed this show very well! He is Fantastic!

I was wondering about the balance of the ethnic background in YOLA, Youth Orchestra in LA, which performed prior to the LA Phil’s performance. It was very nice to see the young children playing together even though they only started to play those instruments 2 years ago! Dudamel is a Venezuelan, and he is a hero in LA Hispanic community. He spoke to the audience in Spanish (I was proud of  me that I understood it!).  As a Japanese citizen myself I wanted to see more diversity in the players because I see mainly Hispanic children in this youth orchestra. I am sure there are many children in other background need the similar opportunities. We have huge communities of Armenians, Filipinos, Koreans, Japanese— in LA. When we are united all together it really goes with the text of the last movement in the 9th symphony!  I hope they will form this youth orchestra little bit differently in future.

Again I am very much looking forward to hearing Dudamel with LA Phil for many more years.

Congratulations, Everybody!!