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A Movie – Coco before Chanel 10/17/09

October 17, 2009

I have been interested in seeing this movie, and I was so glad to have time to go to the theatre today. I have read about her interesting personality, and I was curious to learn more. This is a French movie, and I love to hear French language. It is beautiful! Through the movie her strong and independent, but very charming personality was the theme.  She created her own style against the big dress & hat  ladies. The movie showed the rural area of French, and it reminded me the time I stayed in a rural part of France about 10 years ago. With my stressful Japanese blood and few years of life experience in America it looked entirely different to me. The way French people spent time, the way they discuss, the way they eat—.  It was so interesting to me! I wish I have another opportunity to go back there.

The movie finished with her big success in Paris. I enjoyed following her thinking, and seeing the beautiful countryside in France.