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My American Father 8/21/09

August 21, 2009

My father-in-law passed away on his 87th birthday on 8/7. I am from a pretty difficult Japanese family and it has been my great love to be a part of my husband’s family. I have learned a lot! My father-in-law was a nice, gentle, kind, warm– person that no one has any bad memory with him. I have wonderful memories with him while we were visiting my husband’s parents home in Indiana. It is very relaxing, fun to play with family, chat and eat —-. I appreciate to have this everyday life filled with love and fun! My parents-in-law don’t want to go on any fancy vacations. Instead they visit family and host family reunion. There were many wonderful people came to his viewing and funeral, and we heard beautiful words from them.

We gathered in the end of June for family reunion, of course at my parents-in-law’s house, and he was having a good time with us, eating and watching us play outside. And his health declined little by little since then, but he was doing everything by himself. And a week before his death he had a massive stroke and he never recovered from it. As if he planned he passed away on his 87th birthday with family members around him. He had good 87 years! It is a sad time, but he went to heaven peacefully and comfortably.

I am looking forward to playing the program of “A Touch of Jazz” at the First Presbytarian Church in Pasadena, CA, on Wednesday 26th. I will be performing Gershwin, Kapustin, and Timo Andres. Then Occidental College will start the beginning of September, but I will be gone for 2 weeks from 9/11 to 9/24 for Japan Tour. Summer is over!