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Timothy Andres – How can I live in your world of ideas? 7/6/09

July 6, 2009

I have mentioned before that I heard Timothy Andres (we call him Timo) at Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Green Umbrella concert, and I fell in love with his piano piece called “How can I live in your world of ideas?”.  Do you know what I found after I came back from the trip in the end of June??? Timo mailed me his piano piece for me!!!! Since the day I received his piece (except I was gone for another unmusical trip for 5 days) I have been figuring out this great piece. As Timo told me this piece requires big hands, like Timo, Liszt, and Rachmaninov. I can reach 10th with my left hand (I need to stretch my left hand with maximum strength!), and 9th with my right hand. So I need to figure out some of the big chords to fit to my little hands (!). Other than that I am really enjoying playing this cool piece every day. I am aiming to perform at the concert in Pasadena in August. Thank you very much, Timo!

In September I have a big tour to Japan, and I am starting to prepare for this tour which includes several programs, but mainly all American music! This tour is partially sponsored by the US State Department. I will post soon for detailed information about those concerts in Japan.