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Los Angeles Public Library 7/24/09

July 24, 2009

I love libraries! I always feel there are millions of treasure whenever I am in libraries. I have been living in LA for about 10 years, and I don’t know how many books I have checked out from Los Angeles Public Libraries. The central branch has a great collection of music as well. I use it when I research for new repertoire or just curiosity. Lately I have been going through many pieces to choose for next year’s concert programs, and of course the library is one of resources I use. Youtube and Google are good ones too! It is amazing we can find almost everything on Youtube! I think myself as a good sightreader, but it is always good to hear an actual sound  played by someone. I have found some of great music to play for coming season!! FYI: UCLA music library is the best music library in California, or even in west coast. You can see their collection in their website. It is really amazing!

Also Los Angeles Public Library-Little Tokyo branch is a fun place for Japanese, like me! I never seen so many Japanese books in American libraries. They carry most of major newspapers and magazines in Japanese, and interesting books. When I have extra time before I shop at the Japanese grocery store I drop by and enjoy feeling home. Again I can’t remember how many Japanese books I checked out from this library. Los Angeles Public Library has a great service to request for hold. It means you can check the books you want to check out and ask to bring to your local library. It is convenient if you can wait because it takes few days to few weeks to get your books.

We pay BIG tax so it is good to use public service!