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Windy Days in LA 1/14/09

January 14, 2009

We are having a very dry and windy weather because we are having desert strong winds called “Santa Ana”. It gets below 10% humidity in some days with “Santa Ana”, then we get the warning of wild fire. Usually it gets hot as well so we are in 80s in January!

I rehearsed with my friend cellist, Ben, this morning. He is preparing for his concert in Texas. We played Mendelssohn variations, Bach Gamba Sonata #2, and Brahms F major Sonata. He is a fantastic player, and we had a great time playing together. We will continue on Saturday.

It is a Mendelssohn’s celebration year so I am playing some of his great music including Sonatas for cello and piano. He was an excellent pianist so his chamber music contains flushy piano part! Last night our music friends were chatting in our kitchen and I confessed that I am going to play Mendelssohn’s 2 cello sonatas on one concert for 3 occasions. One of them warned me getting hands injury. I said ” no problem!” We will see–!

Have a nice day!